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The Best YouTube Channels For Founders

YouTube is a great resource for business owners to find information and inspiration, but with so much content out there, it can be difficult to know which videos are worth your time. To save you trawling the web and dodging fake gurus, here are our top 5 YouTube channels for founders that are actually worth watching.


  1. GrowthLab 

GrowthLab has a huge archive of useful videos on a variety of business topics, including finding an idea, developing business skills, and inspiring success stories.

Start with this video from Ramit Sethi, in which he walks us through his process for brainstorming a new business idea in real time:


  1. Small Business Toolbox

The Small Business Toolbox is a YouTube channel created by entrepreneur Andy Mac. He offers practical advice on how to survive self-employment in the UK and covers topics such as taxes, registering a business and useful tools for entrepreneurs.

Check out his video guide to becoming self-employed in the UK here:


  1. Tim Ferriss 

Tim Ferriss is a well-known business personality in the start-up space. He creates varied content on developing a business mindset, following your passion and how to find success in life.

Check out his thoughts on using social media for your business here:


  1. Hubspot 

In addition to its highly useful blog, Hubspot also runs an equally useful YouTube channel. You’ll find videos on marketing, creativity, business strategies and more, delivered in easily digestible chunks.

Start here with their guide to becoming a first-time entrepreneur:


  1. Y Combinator 

Y Combinator is a well-known startup accelerator based in the US which offers a huge archive of useful videos for startup founders. You’ll find content for entrepreneurs at all stages of their startup journey, from initial ideas all the way through to scaling your business.

Check out this useful video from Michael Seibel on how to find and test a startup idea:


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