Turn your brilliant idea into a successful business

Got a great idea but need help to make it real? Navigating the first steps of setting up your own business on your own can be a challenge.

Through our three pioneering new interactive modules – DABS Labs, DABS Pioneers and DABS Teams – together we will work to set up the best possible blueprint for your business opportunity.

Whether those challenges are about start-up finance, your first customers or market strategy, the DABS programme has been designed to give ambitious individuals like you the support and guidance they need to start and grow their business.

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How DABS helps pre-start businesses

  • Fully-funded business start-up programme

    Fully-funded business start-up programme

    To help you turn your ideas into real commercial possibilities.
  • Tailored programme inclusions

    Tailored programme inclusions

    Innovative and interactive group workshops to make sure you get relevant guidance and insights for your situation.
  • 1-2-1 support and mentoring

    1-2-1 support and mentoring

    Bespoke support with an experienced business advisor.
  • Connect with like-minded new entrepreneurs

    Connect with like-minded new entrepreneurs

    To aid collaboration and support across County Durham.
  • Insights from sector experts and contacts

    Insights from sector experts and contacts

    To build your network across the North East region.
  • Guidance on new opportunities

    Guidance on new opportunities

    To help you seize market advantage in your new start-up.
  • Access to the online digital portal

    Access to the online digital portal

    To provide you with useful tools and resources to support your business.
  • Entry to the ‘Festival of Enterprise’

    Entry to the ‘Festival of Enterprise’

    Your chance to learn from keynote speakers and other successful start-ups in the region.

DABS Pre-Start Support

Got an exciting early stage business idea?

Need help developing it for maximum success?

DABS Labs is for you!

If you have the seed of an idea or you are at an early stage of start-up, you can join the innovative DABS Labs. With the help of other prospective business owners, our expert facilitators will help you explore your business idea in more detail and turn it into a more rounded concept.

Explore DABS Labs

Got your business plans set up?

Almost ready to launch your enterprise into the higher echelons?

DABS Pioneers will fuel you with extra expertise!

If you are closer to launching your business, DABS Pioneers will help you to develop your business plans further to understand how you will scale your business and attract investment.

Explore DABS Pioneers

What are your strengths that will make your enterprise fly higher than others?

Want to make your enterprise stronger together?

DABS Teams will challenge you.

If you believe collaboration and a strong team will be key to your business’ success, DABS Teams will help you explore the opportunities open to you.

Explore DABS Teams

Joining the DABS pre-start programme

Am I eligible?

To join the DABS pre-start programme, you must:

  • Be a resident of County Durham looking to launch a business in the County Durham region.
  • Be committed to the challenge of setting up a new business.
  • Have the drive, capability and desire to grow your business rapidly.
  • Be willing to be challenged and explore opportunities to help you build the best business possible.
  • Have a high level of business integrity.

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Not for you?

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