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Do you want to know how to set up your own business? Have you got a great business idea and want to develop it? Have you already started your business but need help growing it? Or are you looking for help with building your next venture?

Whatever stage your business is at, Durham Start-ups will help you find the information you need.

From ideas to ambitious start-ups

Bright Ideas
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Bright Ideas

Coming up with a bright idea is the first step in starting a business and becoming your own boss.

Explore our resources for new business ideas

Developing Your Business Idea
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Developing Your Business Idea

Now that you have your idea, find out what you need to do before starting your business.

Develop your business idea with our guidance and information

Up and Running
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Up and Running

If you’ve just started your business, explore our useful resources and information to help you grow.

Build your new business with our help

Ambitious Growth
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Ambitious Growth

Does your business have the potential to grow fast and scale up? Fast growth presents its own unique challenges.

Explore key programmes and resources for business growth

Insightful resources to help your business thrive

All businesses benefit from support and guidance, whether they’re just getting started or looking to expand.

We’ve collated top tips from a number of successful business owners in County Durham so you can learn from those who’ve already been there and done it.

If you need some information about a particular stage of business development, we have a pool of resources and blogs to help you overcome your challenges.

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Business Resources

Free information guides

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Are you looking for reliable and practical information to support the development of your business? Do you have a specific business challenge you need guidance on?

The Durham Start-ups portal has a range of factsheets and guides from COBWEB to help you start, run and grow your business – whatever your idea or sector.

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